Pisces in Love: Loyal, Gentle, and Generous

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pisces of love
The twelfth zodiac sign, Pisces is the sign of empathy, intuition, melancholy, and sensitivity. As the last sign in the zodiacal cycle, Pisces people have a mix of characteristics from the eleven preceding signs. These dreamers have difficulty discerning fantasy from reality and constantly feel misunderstood by others, which is why Pisces and Pisces compatibility goes off the chart. They’re selfless, generous, kind, and always willing to help other people. But, what happens when they fall in love?

Pisces Woman in Love

Women born under this zodiac sign have a classic femininity about them. They’re charming, sensitive, curious, imaginative, and often very beautiful. Even though they have many characteristics that separate them from the rest, the Pisces woman is the perfect example of a Water sign: caring, emotional, gentle, and romantic. She seeks romantic love and needs a soulmate more than the other sun signs.

The Pisces woman wants to be seduced, but she is not attracted to bad boy types. She likes romantic, intelligent, sensitive guys who will treat her with respect and won’t afraid or ashamed to show their emotions. This woman loves to dream, so she wants a man who can share her dreams and is not afraid to dream big. The Pisces woman is a good listener and a patient, gentle lover, who will always be there for her man. She is emotional, but she is also very honest and will openly talk about her fears and worries with her partner.  The Pisces lady is also a very sensitive and vulnerable soul, therefore she needs a man that can love her, protect her, and understand her mood swings.

However, even though the Pisces woman loves to be in love, she never gives herself 100%. She would keep a small percent of her heart prepared for a heartbreak and if she feels that something is not right or she is treated unfairly, she will walk away from the relationship without blinking an eye.

Pisces Man in Love

The Pisces man is romantic, attractive, sentimental, and has a great sense of humor. He is highly intuitive, so the Pisces man is rarely swayed by a person’s looks. He is kind and very generous and will shower his woman with love, attention, gifts, and treat her like a real queen. The Pisces man is a hopeless romantic who falls in love and trusts other people easily, so he’s often hurt. He often manages to fall in love with the wrong woman, but once he is a committed relationship, even if it’s with the wrong person, he will be the most tender, loyal, and compassionate partner.

He usually likes women who are strong, dominant and can take charge of his life and decide for him. Since this man is also a big dreamer, he appreciates a woman who has the desire and the patience to support him in the pursuit of his dreams and encourage his creative expression. The Pisces man is honest, loyal, and peace-loving, so any type of cheating will completely put him off. When he is in love, the Pisces man will make his woman a priority and will always be there to help her, hold her hand, and understand her in a way that most men can’t.
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