How to String a Tennis Racquet in 9 Easy Steps?

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As we all know that tennis is a physical game, we can play it on the court or on the table which is also known as table tennis. This game is played by the players individually with one opponent or between the two teams of two players each. The whole tennis game is based on the tennis racquets and the best tennis balls, every player hit the tennis ball with their racquet into the opponent’s court for a goal. The strings are the most important part of a tennis racquet if we maintain them perfectly then it will increase the life of your racquet. It is very important to restring the old racquet when it required whether it is 2 times in a year or 4 times in a year it usually depends on you that how you play the game. Today in this blog, we will discuss that how we can string a tennis racquet easily.

First of all you collect the material which is needed to string the tennis racquet; TENNIS STRINGING MACHINE, TENNIS STRINGS, TENNIS RACQUET, AWL, PLIERS, and CLIPPERS.


1. Remove the old string- To restring your old racquet first of all you remove the old string from your racquet. You can use the knife to cut off the old and damaged string from the racquet.

2. Select the variety of string- Another thing that you should do is to choose the variety of the string that you want to attach onto your racquet. There are three varieties available; NYLON STRINGS these strings are very cheap in price and most popular strings, POLYESTER AND KEVLAR STRINGS are best for heavy hitters and are long lasting as compare to other strings and NATURAL GUT STRINGS are very expensive and sensitive many people could not afford these strings because of its price, these strings are popular among professional players for their flexibility.

3. Measuring the new string- After selecting the string you measure the length of the string and cut 35-40 ft of new string. You will probably need near about 38 ft of string to finish the job.

4. Mount your racquet- Now; you mount your racquet onto the stringing machine. Some machines are very different from other machines, the mounting system will have either 2, 4 or 6 contact points that grip the racquet in place. So, place your racquet onto the mounting machine and make sure all the mounts are securing it appropriately. Check that mounts are tight enough that the racquet does not move but not too tight that the frame of racquet gets damaged.

5. Select the stringing pattern- We can strung racquet with two ways, for the first one we can use one piece of string for both the horizontal and vertical stringing or for the second one we can use a separate piece for each. Some of the tennis players think that if we use a single piece of string then it increases the life of the racquet.

6. Pull the main strings- The main strings fix parallel to the long axis of the racquet. Insert the main string into the holes at the head of the racquet; thread it down through the neck and back up to the head. Secure the end of the string into the grip and move the rod into horizontal position. Tighten the string by twisting the rod. Now, fix the second string using the second clamp and release the first string. Continue threading and clamping until all the holes have been strung perfectly.

7. Knot the main strings- After fixing the main strings tie the knot onto one of the vertical strings, if there is a need then you can use a needle-nose plier and a small awl to tie up the knot. After knotting the main string cut off the extra string.

8. Crosses the strings- when you finish the last row of vertical strings then tie the string off and start the crossing pattern. If you are going to use the two pieces of string tie the crossing string to a main string at the head and then thread it back.

9. Knot the crossing strings- This is the last step of restring your tennis racquet, thread the last string back through the main grommet then tie it securely to the main string. With the help of needle nose pliers knotting the main string. Release the tension and cut off the excess string, then remove the tennis racquet from the mount.

These are the easy steps to string your tennis racquet, you should try this. You can also check for the Best Tennis Strings Reviews from the internet which will help you a lot while buying any equipment for tennis.

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