Do’s and Don’ts While Heading for Long Drives in Your Car

Do’s and Don’ts While Heading for Long Drives in Your Car
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Long drives often translate to one of the most adventurous long weekend plans. It is the time when we finally get a break from our hectic work schedule and duck our comfort zone to enjoy somewhere far, wandering and taking joy in; as the saying remains “Not all who wander are lost”. We do not usually get much time to relax, and such long drives make us have a whale of a time. Be it any part of Dubai, it is needless to say that the destination is going to be super exciting, and so should the trip itself.

However, it is always best to prepare your car well before heading out on the road and sit behind the wheels for hours. Here, I am providing a checklist of the do’s and don’ts while heading for long drives in your car, with your favourite person or people.

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Do check the fluid of your car

Among the various problems that you may encounter on the road will probably be because you might have missed to check your car’s fluid, be it the motor oil, brake fluid, coolant, or windshield washer fluid. To avoid confronting issues like overheating and malfunctioning air condition unit, check everything that requires fluid to work.

Do check the brake pads, belts, and hoses

Do you hear a high-pitched screaming sound every time you hit the brake pedal? If yes, then heads up, your brake pads may be becoming too thin. In that case, get your brake pads checked. An unrepaired brake pads can damage your brake discs as well and can be a reason for an unpredicted situation.

Do check your tires

If you want your drive to be as smooth as sail, then make sure your car has proper-inflated tires. Before inflating your tire, do remember to check the manufacturer’s manual, so that you know about the optimal air pressure that is measured in PSI. Alongside, also check the tread depth before going for any long or short drive.

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Don’t throw too many stuffs in your car’s cabin

We know how excited you would be for your long drive, but that does not mean you have to carry an entire house with you. You do not need to carry tons of blankets, neck pillows, overflowing bags of snacks, and other unnecessary stuff. Throw in just a couple of travel necessities and make room for other stuff that you might buy in your journey for the next destination.

Don’t over-inflate your tires

While we just discussed not to under-inflate your tires, it is also recommended not to inflate your tires over the recommend PSI. The both situations can be dangerous for you on the road. Putting too much air in your tire disturbs its stability, plus, the cornering and stopping would not be as accurate as when your tires are properly inflated.

Don’t forget to take your tools and a spare tire along

If there is one thing that you should never forget to carry in your vehicle, it is probably your tool set, because you never know… The tool kit should include a set of jumper cables, tire pressure measuring machine, early warning device, and a spare tire. By reaching out a reliable dealer of Auto Spare Parts, you can have all those auto parts you may need for a smooth drive.

These were some of the important things you should know to prepare your car for a long drive. If you find any of your car parts not working properly, such as batteries, car brakes, tires, etc., you can buy them from a reputed Auto Spare Parts Distributor.

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