All You Need to know About Student Life in Canada

All You Need to know About Student Life in Canada
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Study in Canada
Studying Abroad is always an enriching experience both for your intellect and for personality. Stepping out of your comfort zone, and facing new challenges and having new experiences is an important part of your student life. If you want to Study in Canada, and curious about how the student life will be in Great White North, we are here to give you a glimpse of what to expect when you arrive, and stay in Canada as student.

1. Arrival:

After a college or University accepts you, accept the offer and do the procedure to get a student permit to study in Canada. Arrive a few days before your program starts if your accommodation is off-campus and you want to get used to the time-difference and the atmosphere. Make contact with international student’s office, and they will guide you to the orientation and enrolment process.

2. Academics:

There are many top ranking universities in Canada. Get familiar with the college / university you will be studying in. prepare a schedule for yourself so do not miss any classes or important fixtures. Make friends with other students in your class, this will be an invaluable experience meeting new people and getting to know about their cultures. Whatever Academic opportunity comes to you, take part in them. It will help you with your credits for the semester.

3. Extracurricular Activities:

When you have such a diverse campus, with people all around the world, there will be no shortage of extracurricular activities on the campus. Join a club that interests you. Meet talented people and that will hone your skills, too. Not just that, you will make new friends with similar interests and that will add to your wonderful experience during your stay in Canada.

4. Work while Studying:

To keep up with your Cost of Studying in Canada and living expenses in Canada, you might want to invest your spare time in a part time job. Study permit in Canada allows international students to study and work in Canada for 20 hours a week during the academic session is going on. They can work full time during the breaks. It not only manages the finances, but also helps you built a network for yourself if you want to work in future and stay in Canada.

5. Travel, Explore, Experience:

Canada is world’s second largest country. The geographical landscape will change from green meadows to snowy mountains and glaciers depending upon where you are. Make most out of your time in Canada, and travel as much as you can. Not only you get to see different places, but it also give you an experience of exploring a place.
In short, your student life in Canada will be what you make out of it. You have to plan things ahead, work hard and always look for opportunities to grab. At the same time, it will give you and experience worth having, and a future full of possibilities.
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