10 Best Travel Destinations In France

10 Best Travel Destinations In France
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France is the lovers’, dreamers’ and the poets’ paradise; its every nook and cranny exudes romance. However, visiting the whole country in one go is an impossibility, so the idea is to opt for travel packages to the best travel destinations in France which will let you breathe in the essence of the whole of France in a nutshell. 

Best travel destinations in France

1. Paris
A trip to Paris is equivalent to capturing the quintessential French experience. It is a city with a soul—a potpourri of old and new, grand and humble, historical and mundane. Look for off-beat travel ideas to explore Paris in a new light. Must visit places include Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Musee d’Orsay and Arc de Triomphe.
2. Provence
Provence offers a plethora of experiences from beauty and serenity to exhilarating adventures. It is a culmination of opposing forces. Travelling through Provence will give you a glimpse of the French rustic provincial life. In Provence you get the option of choosing between either holiday homes or luxurious resorts based on your preference. Take some time off from the engaging urban life and indulge in adventurous and sporty stress busters.
3. Marseille
This port city has a medieval charm about it. A bustling working life grows around the Roman ruins which dot this city. The Calanques are the most visited travel sites here.
4. Bordeaux
A wine and a city; it can’t get any better. This vibrant city brings one in touch with the Latin roots of the French life. It doesn’t just entertain the elite with its exquisite vineyards and chateaux; it has something to offer to the hoi polloi too in the form of tapas bars, modern art and even fusion food. Its medieval architecture, grand plazas, and picturesque old bridges like the Pont de Pierre are unmissable.
5. Lyon
Lyon is a miniature France with its different districts offering different treasures—a perfect family holiday destination. To indulge your inner gastronomic head out to Presqu’île. Parc de la Tete d’Or is yet another tourist attraction. Lyon is also well-known for its markets which cater to everybody. For a first-hand experience of Roman gothic architecture which defines the French landscape, explore Fourvière.
6. Nice
Cote d’Azur with its azure water and sky paints the backdrop of Nice. Cruise along the Riviera coastline; watch the whole city from atop Castle Hill; or simply walk along the Promenade des Anglais. It’s the perfect travel destination.
7. Corsica
This tiny French island is what dreams are made of. Travelling to Corsica includes train and ferry rides. Breathe in the beauty of the cliffs, Escalier du Roi d’Aragon and the serene beaches. Exploring the walking trails is a must for an adventurous holiday experience. Keeping travel maps handy during these expeditions can be helpful.
8. Strasbourg
A confluence of French and German culture, architecture, food, this city is famous for its Gothic Sandstone Cathedral with an astronomical clock. La Petite France mingles fantasy with reality to give a “storybook” experience. 
9. Chamoix
Chamoix, one of the best hill stations, is a skiers’ paradise. Being the first place to host the very first Winter Olympics, it still keeps its legacy by offering various adventure sports activities such and skiing and paragliding.
10. Mont Saint-Michel
This pyramid shaped rocky island is famous for the 11th century Abbaye de Saint-Michel. Its accessibility changes according to the tidal waves. It is accessible on feet during the low-tides and becomes an island during the high-tides. It is almost structured like a house of cards, one building stacked over another which gives it a pyramid-like shape.
Plan ahead, flip through some travel guides of the best travel destinations in France, make an itinerary, and stick to the travel planner. Go through some of the travel booking websites to find decent travel deals, and book air tickets in advance to avail discount flights. This will bring down the holiday budget considerably. Travel insurance is a must, especially for international trips. Remember, France is the gastronomic capital of the world, always be on the lookout for the best theme restaurants and ordinary restaurant to savour the taste of the delectable French cuisine.


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