10 Best Foods to Eat in Chicago

10 Best Foods to Eat in Chicago
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Best Foods in Chicago

The food scene in Chicago, the third largest city of USA is simply extraordinary. From fivestar restaurants to the scrumptious street food to savory desserts, you need to take a round of everything. Start from upstate to the food trucks parked downtown, you will get delicious food at a budget you desire. People of Chicago believe the citys history is narrated through their food and you will find it true!
We have narrowed the list of the best food to eat in Chicago for you. Do try these dishes when in the city and delight your taste buds.

Hot Dog at Portillos

Portillos is one of the most famous food joint, when it comes to the authentic hotdog (Chicagostyle). The dog loaded with finely chopped onions, mustard, sport peppers, tomatoes, relish and kosher pickle, bundled in a steamed seed bun.

Numero Uno deepdish pizza at Uno Pizzeria & Grill

Running since 1943, this place serves appetizing deep dish pizza loaded with pepperoni, peppers, sausage, onions, chunky tomato sauce and mushrooms with toppings of romano and mozzarella. You bet the yummy taste will stay for long with you. If you want some more deepdish food, head towards Lou Malnatis for the buttery and flaky crust or try out Giordanos overthetop stuffed crust.

Do not forget Garetts Popcorn

Garetts have been in the food tradition of the city for several decades now (since 1949), one of the best places to eat in Chicago. You wont get a better taste of caramel and cheese flavors in popcorn than at Garetts. The long queue is worth your wait for what you get as a blend of Cheddar and Caramel.

Italian Beef Sandwich from Als Italian Beef

The famous sandwich stalwart established in 1938, serves one of the musttry foods in Chicagothe Italian Beef Sandwich. The sandwich is loaded with sweet and hot peppers dipped in beef juice to give you an exceptional flavor of beef you could find nowhere but at AIs Italian Beef. Are you a beef lover and recently planning a trip to Chicago with flight bookings done at Indian Eagle[T1] ? Trust us, this place is heaven for you!

Steaks at Gene & Georgetti

The first steakhouse of Chicago, Gene & Georgetti offers the best steaks (cut of meat) since 1941. You must try the meat steak here and if you want some more options, go to Gibsons Steakhouse or The Rosebud for Gibsons Prime Angus Beef and Filet Marsala respectively.

Cinnamon Roll in Ann Sather

If you want to taste the famous Chicago food specialty, dare not to miss the mouthwatering Cinnamon Rolls at Ann Sather. The frostingladen, ultrasoft roll is a staple brunch for more than 60 years now with three outlets in Chicago

Cheesecakes at Elis Cheesecake

Have a sweet tooth? Chicago has the best desserts for people like you and Elis Cheesecake have been serving the scrumptious cheesecakes since 1890. The sweet slice of the creamy, dense cheesecake with crispy and buttery cookie crusts is just awesome

Jibaritos at El Nuevo Borinquen

Discover the Humboldt Park Neighbourhood to have the best Jibaritos served at El Nuevo Borinquen. These are sandwiches prepared from the fried green plantains (not the usual bread), loaded with your favorite filling meat, vegetables or seafood. The special kind of sandwich was first invented in Chicago

Berthas Brownie from Palmer House

Originally discovered during the Columbian Exposition Worlds Fair in 1893, Berthas famous Brownie is chewy and dense, super delicious to activate your taste buds. To have this best food in Chicago, go on the History is Hot!! Tour for the exclusive price fixed menu and a historical property tour

Chicken Pot Pie at The Walnut Room

It is Chicagos first restaurant in a departmental store Macys ion the State Street. When there, order the famous Mrs. Herrings Chicken Pot Pie, a 1980s dish that is flaky and highly flavorful   when it comes to palatable food in the city.
If you are a big time foodie, Chicago has a lot more to offer you. As said the food scene here is incomparable to any of the US cities. When in the city, look out for best food to eat in Chicago and satisfy your taste buds.
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