11 Hair Hacks Every Guy Should Know

We all know that hair is technically dead. It does not have any nerves or muscles. It does not even have blood. What’s just surprising is that fact that it needs TLC for it to look best. That’s not all. Aside from the hair, the scalp needs TLC, too!

So, how can a man deal with all possible problems with hair like breakage, greasiness, and product build-up? We’ve gathered tips from experts in the industry. Hopefully, these tips can help answer the questions every guy has about hair care.

1. If you have thin hair, use matte hair care products.

As men age, hair things out. To create an illusion of volume and thickness, use a matte styling clay or paste. These hair products can absorb light in an instant, making hair look a bit thicker.

2. Consider giving your hair an egg wash.

You may laugh at this tip, but many Hollywood A-listers actually wash their hair with eggs. Do this at least once a month to give hair the amount of protein it needs.

3. Cut your hair at the right time.

Timing is everything when it comes to having a haircut. In most cases, salons are more peaceful and quieter during opening and closing hours. So, if you are thinking about cutting your hair, consider making an appointment at the beginning or at the end of the day.

4. Apply a pre-styling product.

Men usually know what natural hair styling products to use to give their hair the kind of finish they want. However, they often miss the most important element of styling: a pre-styler. It could be a sea salt spray, hair serum, or a hair mousse. This product has to be applied when hair is damp for better results. 

5. Know that less is more.

One of the most common mistakes men commit when styling is using too much of a certain product. Remember that a little can already go a long way. If you don’t want to have hair that appears greasy and heavy, apply just the right amount.

6. Remove hair wax with shampoo.

Do you have a hard time getting rid of hair wax in your hair? The best solution is to apply shampoo to dry hair and then rinse. This hair care product can effectively get rid of hair wax residue, leaving hair clean and soft.

7. Don’t rub. Just pat it dry.

Men have this notion that rubbing hair after washing can quickly dry it. But in reality, it can be a problem because it causes hair to break. This can be bad news for those guys who have thin hair. The truth is, hair is weaker when wet. So, you should not rub it too hard. It is best that you pat dry your strands to avoid applying stress on them.

8. Relax!

Being exposed to stress can cause your hair to thin. Try to steer clear from stressful activities once in a while. You’ll find that de-stressing can improve blood circulation, ensuring proper hair growth.

9. Do not over-wash your hair.

Men with dry and coarse hair usually over-wash, believing that it can bring about change to their hair texture. But the sad reality is that washing every day will only make the hair even drier. If you want to keep your strands moisturized, use a natural leave-in conditioner. The result will be healthier and smoother hair.

10. Don’t mess up with greasy hair.

Sometimes, your genes have something to do with your hair. If you have oily skin, it is likely that you also have naturally greasy hair. That is because the oil producing glands in your face are also the same set of glands that are covering your scalp.

While that is not a bad thing, oily hair is just, sometimes, difficult to tame, especially for guys. Don’t you worry, though. If your hair is greasy, it’s always a great idea to simply avoid hot water. Also, don’t scrub it like mad because it will only activate the oil producing glands on your scalp, which will create an even bigger problem.

11. Protect your hair all the time.

Do you love swimming? Then you should start protecting your hair. Chlorine in the pool can cause the cuticles in your scalp to lift, making hair brittle, dry, and dull. To reduce the effects of chlorine, rinse your hair with clean water before and after swimming. Better yet, apply a small amount of conditioner before you dive.

Well, if you don’t fancy the pools, you still have to protect your hair. You can at least wear a cap because the ultraviolet rays from the sun have a negative impact on your hair. Your hair wouldn’t like that.

These hair grooming hacks for guys will definitely give you the confidence boost you need and reduce the need for a salon visit. Try them out now!

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