10 Yummy Summer Drinks for Kids That You Can Try

The much-awaited summer vacation is finally here! Every year kids try to explore their holiday season and might also be in full swing to build their summer memories. The waves of last year’s vacation, family trips, activities, and food at their favourite joints might frequently bring those nostalgic sparks every time they think of. But, as a parent, we should also be a little conscious about the foods and drinks they consume. Summer is also the season for the outbreak of many infectious diseases like chickenpox, Hand, foot, and mouth disease, measles, mumps, influenza, conjunctivitis, swimmer’s itch to name a few. So, keep an eye on the foods and drinks your kids will love to load up and try substituting healthy drinks to beat the heat during this coming summer days!

10 Yummy and refreshing summer drinks for kids:

Are you surfing the internet to find, easy to make, and yet healthy summer drinks for kids? Then worry not! We are here to help you. Check out our list of 10 yummy summer drinks, which help your kids to rejuvenate the body along with the dose of healthy nutrients. Why wait for! Just prepare it and let the little one hug the barrel right now!

1) Natural honey lemonade:

Searching for a vitamin C punch? Yes! Then, charge your kid with the super-easy to make lemonade. Fight the summer waves with a glass of chilled lemonade. Though lemonade is an official drink during summer days, we load them up with more refined sugars. Try adding honey instead of white sugar and garnish with a few fresh mint leaves or a zest of lemon to cool down the body.

2) Mango fruit punch:

Summer is the season of mangoes. This yellow fruit is loaded with vitamin C, minerals, dietary fibre, and antioxidants. Blend a few ripe mangoes with jaggery and water. A jar of colourful and flavourful mango juice is ready to serve. Never miss making this delicious juice, this summer as it helps to supply all the nutrients that a child requires. Also, you can give multivitamin syrup or tablets to your kids to meet the daily dosage based on the kid’s requirement. Order OTC medicines from any reliable medicine delivery at home and get them delivered at your doorstep.

3) Red strawberry drink:

Refreshing strawberries are rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. The sweet and tangy strawberry is one super-delicious summer drink you must try as it blesses with the right amount of vitamin C to your kid in one go.

4) Sabja lemonade:

Sabja seeds also called as sweet basil seeds offer immense health benefits. Basil seeds are best body coolant, protects the body from extreme heat, relieves constipation, and strengthens the immune system. Add cleaned and rinsed basil seeds in lukewarm water for 15 minutes and add the soaked seeds to your kid’s favourite drink like lemonade, watermelon juice, or strawberry juice etc.

5) Flavourful Jaljeera drink:

Jaljeera is one of the most popular drinks used during the summer as it improves the digestion, relieves acidity, and helps to regulate body temperature. Jaljeera drink is made with the easily available spices present in our kitchen shelves like tamarind juice, black salt, roasted jeera powder, jaggery, dry mango powder, dry ginger powder, pepper powder, and garnish along with a few fresh mint leaves.

6) Masala chaas:

The spiced buttermilk prepared with yogurt, sprinkled with spices, salt, and garnished with a few strands of curry leaves and coriander leaves is an amazing summer drink that you should never miss trying it. Now enjoy a glass of chilled masala chaas with your kid this summer!

7) Watermelon with ginger and mint:

Watermelon is the best fruit to beat the intense summer waves. Make a refreshing watermelon juice with a piece of ginger and fresh mint. Pour the red coloured juice in a wide glass jar and add ice cubes before you serve. You can also make a refreshing watermelon juice, along with mixed fruits to energize the sunny days.

8) Green mango juice:

Hydrate and rejuvenate your kid’s body with the tasty and yummy raw mango juice. Never forget to buy and store raw mangoes in your kitchen table. Though we make a yummy dish with raw mango, you can also make green mango drink for your kids. Blend raw mango, green chilli, pepper, sugar, salt, and fresh mint leaves together. This summer never miss making healthy and tasty green mango juice for your kid!

9) Mixed vegetable juice:

One of the best immune-boosting and colourful drink which kids love is mixed vegetable juice. It helps to boosts immunity so try mixing the veggies like carrot, beetroot, and for extra punch, sweetness, and mild tanginess try adding an apple or pineapple. Blend everything and pour it in a glass and serve chill. This drink is one way to include veggies especially if your child is a fussy eater.

10) Fruit and grain milkshake:

Try your kid’s favourite fruit like banana, mango, or strawberries with oatmeal or with readily available multigrain powder and blend it everything smoothly. Pour it in a tall glass and serve them with ice cubes topped on it. Add soaked chia seeds or basil seeds and garnish with nuts, of your kid’s choice. Basil seeds or chia seeds is a natural coolant, loaded with soluble fibre and rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Summer season is blessed with varieties of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in water. Pick the fruits your kid likes the most and make a delicious, refreshing, colourful and flavourful drink to quench their thirst. Always prepare fresh juice, add natural sweetener, a dash of lime and chill the drink each time before you serve. Avoid getting dehydrated as it can invite diseases and bring your kids-energy level down. Keep watching for any illness like boils, allergy, waterborne diseases, sunstroke, and foodborne diseases in your kids then schedule an appointment and speak to your doctor immediately. Also, take necessary precautions during the summer to prevent the outbreak of any infectious diseases. If medicines are prescribed order them from the best online pharmacy in India and avail amazing medicine discount on every order you place.

Final talks

Summers are the best time to build a sea of memories so, allow your kids to sail through the days smoothly. Let us help them to bring their colourful memories out and make their unforgettable times to be cherished forever!

Happy vacation!


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