10 Best Free SEO Tools For Bloggers

SEO Tools are needy for anyone who is serious about improving SERP of specific website. I know there are tons of quality paid SEO tools but they may not be easly affordable for blog starters that why this content wrote.              This are 10 Best free SEO tools that you should use to improve your Search engine traffic as well as getting more traffic and reaching more audiences.


1.  Alexa

Alexa is one of the most popular SEO tool owner by amazon this Tool has so many features but known for alexa/siteinfo which is free tool and enables you to know your site popularity,competitors and similar websites like yours. also alexa has websites rank which is the more traffic you have the better rank you will have on alexa. To start using this tool no sign up required just go to alexa.com/siteinfo and put you domain on input box & get your site analysis!

2. Character count

Character count is best free tool which give you detailed information about you content like readability level, total count of words & characters,short word & long words you used on.. i personally use this tool every time when i publish new articles on my site and for guest posting so is suggest you to review you content here before publishing it.  To start using this tool just go to charactercount.com  no sign up requires and paste you visual content on input box you get there

3. Followlike.net

Mainly this tool is not SEO tool like the above’s but it’s a kind of that if you use this tool properly you will beat SERP. This tools helps you to get more social shares likes comment’s in the form of exchange. and this activity give’s you more attention from search engines bots as well as it increase you social score. to use this tool go to Followlike.net and create free account on then start collecting points. after you earn more points you will get what you wan’t to exchange from another members like you!

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4. Google Analytics

Google analytics is free traffic analysis tool this tool enables us to know :-

  • how many visitors does our site has on real-time , daily and monthly periods,
  • Our traffic sources
  • average staying time with visitors location and device type
  • and so many features ( Best free SEO tools)

To start using this tool sign up for free on Analytic and register you site, and verify website ownership by adding meta tag on head of you site. boom now you installed analytics successfully.

5. Google Webmasters tools

Google webmaster tool is a google owned tool which helps Search engine crawlers to crawl our website & get indexed our articles on google fast. here are some best features of Google webmaster tools

  • Detect broken links and other errors
  • Statics of traffic you get from google
  • submit sitemap & new articles on fetch as google and index new updates fast

To start using this amazing tool create free account and register you site on Google webmaster tools after verify ownership.

6. Monitor backlinks

Monitor backlinks is free backlink checking tool simply you can check external links that you have for free without any registration.

7. Site checker Pro

Site checker pro is general free site checker tool which crawl our site & notify us error to fix that affect our SEO negatively here are best features of this tool

  • Recommend title,alt check
  • Checks meta description
  • Content 2 code ratio check
  • links from external & internal
  • page speed,performance & experience

To start using this amazing tool go to Site-checker Pro and create free account after email verification got back to site checker pro & paste url you want to check on input box and click on check

8. The Hoth

The hoth is one of best & free Moz authority checking tool. this site anables you to check DA & PA of any site for free just what you have to do is when you always check DA/PA it will ask you to put your email and then get started without verification.

9. Uber suggest

Uber suggest is one of the most popular free keyword research tool which gives us keyword ideas with detiled chart here are best features of uber suggest

  • generates free keyword ideas
  • display monthly searches & Seo difficulty

if you know how to use this tool properly you will have high ranking on Search engines like never before!!

10. Moz/Blog

I hope you heard at least once about moz when you explore about SEO. moz has lot of tools but am not saying the native tools am talking about there blog.. if you want to know more about SEO and mastering in it i suggest you to regularly visit official moz blog.

I hope the article was helpful if you want another SEO related update here is my website thanks for reading Money251



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