League Rules [Season 2]

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League Rules [Season 2]

Post by thesnailmaster » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:37 pm

[elg] League rules

Army building

• Points allowance – 2000 points

• Matched play rules

• Max 3 detachment

• Army lists can only be changed if you lose your previous game and must contain the same faction keywords

• Units may not be taken if they are under strength, minimum squad size must be respected.


• Missions will follow 1 of the 12 eternal/maelstrom as written in the rule book

• Players must play at least 1 eternal war mission and 1 maelstrom of war mission by the end of the league

• Replace the “first blood” secondary objective with the “first strike” one (You gain 1 VP if you completely destroy a unit on your first turn)

• Modify the Relic mission to include Line breaker, First strike & Slay the Warlord, the Relic is worth 5 Points if carried or 3 Points if you have the closest model to it.


• Play with advanced terrain rules.


VP’s are used to determine ties in the league and if the result is a win / loss / draw

Win – VP’s difference >3 = 3 points

Draw – VP’s difference -3 - 3 = 1 point

Loss – VP’s difference -3< = 0 points


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